Friday, September 20, 2013

Detroit Among the Ruins

More of Detroit on the experimental side, with a Samsung S3 cell phone.

Cadillac Square
Photo by Karen DeCoster

A burnt out house sees the light of art
Photo by Karen DeCoster

Marla Donovan at Urban Bean
Photo by Karen DeCoster

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  1. I just found your blog today via LRC. I'm so happy to see it. I've never known what to make of Detroit. When I was a kid (before the Interstates), we'd spend our vacations at Gratiot Inn in Port Huron and drive through Detroit. I didn't like it one bit (though maybe it was better than smelly Mt. Clemmons (sp?))). It was really hot and the traffic was awful. It' took as long to get through Detroit as it did to get there from my hometown in Ohio. it

    Later I was at Goose Lake and came back through Detroit and got the same feeling. Stil llater I attended a worker-ownership/anarchist conference at Wayne State and much to my horror there were boarded up buildings. And this had to be around 1976.

    All that said, Detroit fascinates me. I watch Low Winter Sun and wonder how that bar stays open. I watch the show to see Detroit, which I supposedly don't like at all--but have a strange affection for that comeds from...what?.

    Now reading your blog I"m' seeing a whole new adventure laid out. On an off moment I think. Why not move to Detroit? Am I losing my mind? Anyway, thank you so much for your first hand account of what's really going on--not what people think is happening. The truth is always much more interesting!