Saturday, July 20, 2013

Detroit Jail Fail

A couple of months ago, I wrote about Detroit's jail blunder and the potential work stoppage on the construction of the massive facility - on prime downtown property - that was over budget on all counts. Work on this addition to incarceration nation has finally stopped, and five developers have submitted bids to develop the area for ... god forbid, private development and city life enrichment for the people who live here.

Dan Gilbert wants to develop not only the jail fail property, but also nearby detention center properties for the purpose of building a "mixed-use retail, entertainment, residential and office development that would serve as a gateway to downtown from the east." All to the good, of course. And the FBI is investigating the political scandal that created this project. While I never cheer on an FBI investigation, I may make an exception in this case. Oh but I forgot - the project wasn't for the purpose of lining pockets and bolstering reputations of proud politicos. It was designed to "save money" for the poor tax feeders.

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