Saturday, July 27, 2013

Congress Denies Detroit 'the Bankster Treatment'

Oh no! Detroit has been denied the glorious opportunity to have the Feds come in and bail the city out with taxpayer booty and centrally plan the city's future via another few decades of political pandering and bureaucratic bumbling. From the Bloomberg article:
In interviews with 10 U.S. lawmakers yesterday, one of the few to support a bailout for Detroit was Senator Tom Harkin, an Iowa Democrat on the Appropriations Committee. “There might be something we can do to help,” Harkin said. “Helping with infrastructure development, rebuilding the inner cities, helping them modernize their city, making it a livable place once again, that creates jobs.”
So that means the city will have to rely on entrepreneurial vision, private planning and investment, grass roots (bootstrap) voluntaryists, risk-taking preservationists, and lastly, private security forces that rise up to replace the near-invisible public police department for the provision of security. It's distressing to think that Detroit won't become an outpost of the Potomac!

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