Saturday, June 1, 2013

Detroit's Anarcho-Patrols vs Police

While Detroit's "finest" are unable to maintain order in the city's neighborhood's, this city's regeneration is being helped along by volunteer watchmen who patrol their own neighborhoods while the DPD (Detroit Police Department) makes excuse after excuse about manpower shortages and equipment issues. Yesterday, Bloomberg ran this story about the men and women who choose to make a stand against the criminals as opposed to whining and waiting for inept government to tend to their personal safety matters.

My old neighborhood, East English Village, has been very successful at soliciting volunteer patrol people as well as monetary contributions to help fund their community efforts.
Besides East English Village, neighborhoods with vigorous crime prevention efforts include: the Grandmont-Rosedale Park area that straddles the Southfield Freeway on Detroit's far west side; Palmer Woods, Sherwood Forest, the University District and Green Acres on the north side, and the West Vernor and Springwells Business Improvement District, a commercial area in southwest Detroit bounded by West Vernor, Clark, Springwells and I-75. In the business district, merchants each started paying up to $2,000 a year for added security a few years ago, said Matthew Bihun, program manager of the Southwest Detroit Business Association, which oversees the district.
Thanks to Jed Martin for the story link.

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