Saturday, March 23, 2013

Detroit's Finest Beer

A bike stop at Detroit's Finest brewery.

Photo by Karen DeCoster

Detroit's own Dirty Blonde is one of my two favorite summer beers.

Suburban Zombies

A recent conversation with folks on a Google Group about some of the wonderful downtown Detroit hotels spurred me to think about why people would chose a boorish suburban chain motel as opposed to one of the eclectic downtown locations. After all, what's wrong with the suburban Extended Stay America hotels? You can BBQ in the parking lot adjacent to Walmart and watch the Walmartians in their shorts and flip flops in January; take long, romantic walks under the freeway overpasses; have a power lunch of deep-fried anything at Bob Evans; camp out at Best Buy to be the first one in line to get a $20 DVD for $5; and lastly, you can wear your flannel pants and fuzzy slippers out to play adult video games at Dave & Buster's. Additionally, you can enjoy the glory of "fine art" at the zombie shops in the malls.

With fine culture like this, who needs the urban humanities!

Another reason to love the city.