Monday, February 4, 2013

The Words of Rocco

Sometimes, folks who are well-read and "educated" can over-analyze and think too deeply about stuff. At times, we don't see the simple truth through all of our philosophical meanderings. We look for complexity where there is an absence of adornment. We expect too much of life and appreciate too little. We are often so concerned with the details that we ignore - or don't recognize - the obvious things which seem infinitesimal, yet are significant overall in terms of enriching our quality of life. Simple thoughts are often conveyed better by simplistic people.

Take Rocco, for instance. I met him while taking photos in the Detroit hood. As I was photographing a wall mural, he approached me and proceeded to tell me all about the artist that painted the artwork right next to the gas station where he works. That fantastic wall mural, "Detroit Lives," is the backdrop for this blog. He told me, out of the blue, "if you like what you are doing with yourself and your mind, every day, you will never have a bad day. You will always be blessed and happy." He then told me how and why he came to his spiritual thoughts about life in general, and not necessarily just religious spirituality. Rocco just spoke from his heart and 60 years of life experience. He keeps things clean and organized at "the cleanest gas station in town." He takes great pride in his work. We all have something to learn from the Roccos of the world.

Rocco inspired the design of this blog.

Photo by Karen DeCoster

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