Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Free Farming in Detroit

This is a nice PBS video which is a pilot for an upcoming series titled "Food Forward." This documentary explores the explosion of urban agriculture (especially in NY, Milwaukee, and Detroit) and interviews the "food rebels" who make things happen, even if on a very small scale. The documentary looks at community gardens as an alternative to the industrial-supplied grocery stores. The last portion of the video visits the anarcho-urban agriculture revolution in my city, Detroit.

Greg Willerer of Detroit's Brother Nature Farms is interviewed. I met Greg and his wife, Olivia, a few weeks ago, and I toured their farm. In this documentary, Greg notes that, "In spite of the fact that Detroit has all of the odds stacked against it, Detroiters have the rare opportunity to rebuild their city, and we're doing it." In fact, one female urban farming homesteader is quoted as saying, "If it's vacant, I'll take it." 

Murray Rothbard would be proud. Vimeo has a nice (short) video of Greg Willerer and his take on farming in Detroit. Greg quit his day job to farm full time. By the way, Brother Nature is at Dertoit Eastern Market on most Saturdays, and they sell the best salad mix (mild, spicy, or mixed) that I have ever had in my life.

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