Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Biergarten on Vacant land

As reported by HuffPo, Detroit is celebrating year 2 of a great, new tradition: the European-style, pop-up biergarten. Tashmoo, located in Detroit's heroic West Village, is a celebration of Oktoberfest, neighborhood, friends, great companionship and conversation, and, of course, great beer.

Tashmoo "pops up" on a vacant neighborhood lot for a few weekends in October complete with German-style biergarten tables, local farmer's market vendors who are selling fresh foods, table games, portable bike racks, and a selection of great, mostly local brews. Additionally, cornhole is the official sport of the West Village Biergarten. One of the owners, Aaron Wagner, notes that:
They also may convert the concept form [sic] a pop-up to a permanent retail spot. Wagner told MLive in August that he envisions a permanent indoor/outdoor beer hall with a three-season biergarten, as the concept cracked the top ten in the Detroit Hatch retail contest.
The success of Tashmoo has brought forth other pop-up shops in the neighborhood, as noted by Brian Hurttienne, the Executive Director of the Villages Community Development Corp.
"We project by the spring and summer of next year the entire block of Agnes Street will be bubbling with full-time, independent retail," Hurttienne said in a statement. "These pop-ups will give our neighbors a small taste of things to come, plus provide Detroit's entrepreneurs an idea of what it's like to run a small business full-time."
After all, why should the Europeans have all the fun? My biergarten visits are always memorable, including yesterday when I almost guzzled my Oktoberfest beer with a live hornet floating on the top.

Photo by Karen DeCoster

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